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Steve in the UK, coming right up

Less than a year after my last trip to London, I’m headed back to the UK – to Sheffield – to give the opening keynote at DRS2008 (Design Research Society conference), offering my perspectives on disciplinarity and rigour. If you’re attending the conference, drop me a note so I’ll know to look for you.

I’m also bookending the time in Sheffield with a few days in London before and after. It’d be great to meet up with firms and folks interested in culture, design, and innovation (etc.). I could probably throw together a little presentation or discussion starter for your team. Get in touch if you’d like me to stop by.

Steve in Trafalgar Square, 1990, photo by Richard Wintle

Steve in Trafalgar Square, 2007, photo by Avi Soudack

See more pictures from my London trip in 2007 here.

Floridian adventures await

Next week I’ll be in Orlando, giving an early-morning keynote at the Nortel Technical Conference. After that, I’ll be in Miami for a few days. I’ve got some time in both cities and would love to meet up with locals o chat about what we do and look for ways we might work together.

Drop an email (or leave a comment)!

London Calling

Looks like I’ll be in London for the first half of September; my first trip there in 17 years. I’ll be mostly focused on the work I’m doing but do hope to meet up with readers of this blog/folks I know. Drop me a line and let’s see if we can set it up.

Steve in London, 1990 (I still have that shirt!)

Meetup – You can check out any time you like

Click picture to see it larger.

I received an announcement from Meetup, a service I have never really used. It included the following:

To unsubscribe from ALL your Meetup Groups and the
service as a whole, click here:

I decided to do that – close the account. First thing that link takes me to is a login page. Entering email and password. A bit weird, given that I just told them by clicking that I want OUT, but anyway. The next page, however, wants all sorts of other information, thanks to an updated TOS (“terms of service”)
My name.
A new user ID
My country and zip
My email preferences
My agreement to the new TOS

Once I completed all THAT, then I could close down my whole account. Weird.


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