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Out and About: Steve in New York

After wrapping up a few intense days of work with a client, we decided to stay in New York an extra day. Our meals were certainly beyond a typical office day (Balthazar for breakfast and Joe’s Shanghai for lunch); meanwhile we huddled at a Starbucks in SoHo to get some work done. The only available seats were in the window, so we propped the laptop on the countertop and did our thing. So there we are, two professional noticers in front of a window in a busy part of Manhattan. You can imagine the staccato work conversations we had, as we constantly interrupted ourselves with “Did you see that sign?”, “Did you see that person?” or “Did you see that truck?”

We did see a lot of lovely trucks. I wonder if NYC-area businesses have figured out the business benefit of the business end of the truck? As above, a delicious reinforcement of the pig hippo branding specifically for the back of the truck. Earlier, a rear graphic that read “I [pretzel] N Y.” Before that, the Meat without Feet truck.

Trucks, part of a great day.

You can tattoo a pig, but it’s still a pig


As CNN reports, a Belgian artist in China is giving pigs tattoos of mermaids, roses, cherubs, and the Louis Vuitton logo.

The pigs get sedatives before they go under the needle and are carefully raised until their natural deaths. The artist has been inspired by China’s rampant piracy of everything from DVDs to Paris’s latest fashions (i.e., the LV logo).

Video cameras will allow collectors (who may purchase the post-mortem pigskin art) or anyone else to watch the tattooed pigs cavort and sleep live on the Internet, a program dubbed “Pig Brother”.


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