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ChittahChattah Quickies

  • [from steve_portigal] Kraft Dinner mentions must stop, teacher told [CBC News] – [Kraft Dinner is a Canadian-specific brand for packaged macaroni and cheese, known among the pastacenti as KD.] Kick the KD teaches students how to avoid convenience foods and eat healthier. Clapson received a notice from Kraft Canada demanding the name be changed and any references to Kraft Dinner be removed. "We understand that the focus of the cooking program is to encourage students to prepare meals which are healthy and delicious. Please note that Kraft Dinner macaroni and cheese is a nutritious food that can be part of a balanced diet. In addition to being delicious, it is also a source of calcium and iron and a good source of protein." Clapson said he didn't know "KD was trademarked and personally enjoys the occasional bowl of Kraft Dinner." Clapson said he intends to keep running the classes and has taken suggestions for a new name. The most popular one so far has been "Kick the Crap Dinner."
  • [from steve_portigal] ‘Cinema Verite’ review: ‘American Family’ revisited [SF Chronicle] – [Fascinating article on how a recreation bio-pic of the filming of the original reality show reveals shifting cultural contexts and the challenges of authenticity] In 1971, Craig Gilbert and Alan and Susan Raymond, set out to document the lives of an everyday American family. Viewers may have subliminally understood that reality was somewhat altered through editorial choices, but they more or less accepted what was on their TV as life as it actually and naturally happened. But was it? That's the question posed by "Cinema Verite" directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini as they look back at "American Family." Did Gilbert direct the Louds' actions to make his film more dramatic? In "Cinema," Gilbert (James Gandolfini) is shown inserting himself into a scene and telling the family what to do. We also see the Raymonds (Patrick Fugit and Shanna Collins) revolting when Gilbert begins to cross the boundaries of documentary filmmaking, perhaps because he's developed a crush on Pat.

Heh. We’re gonna SCORE.

Axe is a perfume oops body spray targeted at young men. The whole thrust (if you will) of their positioning is that it will make young men amazingly irrestisble to women (see Love Potion No. 9). Their ads, of course, feature many outlandish scenarios involving young guys having amazing encounters with hot young chicks. Last night I saw one where a guy is playing strip poker against three tasty things, and loses a round. So they take off their clothes. Okay, about what we expect.

And then the next ad was for Kraft Dinner.
A dorky guy is in a hot tub with a similar set of lithe vixens. One more gets in the water and exclaims in surprise as she sits down. She recoils and he lifts up to reveal a pot cooking up a meal of Kraft Dinner. Cue music, logo, announcer. And in the last second of the ad we see what we assume to be his bathing trunks – with Kraft Dinner logo on one leg – flop down onto a table. Implication – he’s now naked and scoring with said hot chicks after serving them up freshly prepared KD.

It’s one thing to sell fragrance that way, but macaroni and cheese? The juxtaposition from one ad to the next was jarring, to say the least.


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