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Heh. We’re gonna SCORE.

Axe is a perfume oops body spray targeted at young men. The whole thrust (if you will) of their positioning is that it will make young men amazingly irrestisble to women (see Love Potion No. 9). Their ads, of course, feature many outlandish scenarios involving young guys having amazing encounters with hot young chicks. Last night I saw one where a guy is playing strip poker against three tasty things, and loses a round. So they take off their clothes. Okay, about what we expect.

And then the next ad was for Kraft Dinner.
A dorky guy is in a hot tub with a similar set of lithe vixens. One more gets in the water and exclaims in surprise as she sits down. She recoils and he lifts up to reveal a pot cooking up a meal of Kraft Dinner. Cue music, logo, announcer. And in the last second of the ad we see what we assume to be his bathing trunks – with Kraft Dinner logo on one leg – flop down onto a table. Implication – he’s now naked and scoring with said hot chicks after serving them up freshly prepared KD.

It’s one thing to sell fragrance that way, but macaroni and cheese? The juxtaposition from one ad to the next was jarring, to say the least.


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