This Week @ Portigal

We all survived Friday the 13th last week and are ready to take on another week that certainly promises to end less ominously…

So, what’s happening this week at Portigal? Quite a bit…

  • We are up to our ears in interesting opportunities that require some creative thinking about participant engagement. Our research gears are turning!
  • Steve and Tamara will be giving a curtain-call presentation of findings from a recent study.
  • We continue to prepare for upcoming fieldwork (New York!! Los Angeles!!) and Julie is going to be busy making some tools to catalyze conversation.
  • Steve presses on with writing for his forthcoming book, synthesizing fabulous interviews with change agents who have driven the adoption of user research and pulling together the great suggestions people contributed to Tips to Improve Your Interviewing Skills (and a request for more!)
  • We are percolating some sweet ideas for primary research in 2012 for the Omni project and plan to share them soon. Stay tuned…
  • Steve continues to plug away on various tasks related to the upcoming Interaction 12 in Dublin.
  • We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Wednesday so we can get our geek on at Nerd Nite SF!
  • Steve is meeting with a big Silicon Valley player to explore how we can deliver design research training to their teams.
  • We continue to search for (and find!) cool opportunities for learning, teaching, and sharing. Julie and Tamara are currently in the throes of submitting proposals for Agile2012 and a few other gigs…
  • Tamara continues to dive deep into the eye-candy-land of visual thinking, doodling, mind mapping, graphic facilitation, etc. and welcomes suggestions for articles, websites, examples or groups of local SFists who like to get together with colored markers, blank paper, and ideas.

Merry Monday and Happy Week to you!


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