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This Week @ Portigal

Happy Monday! It’s October in the Bay Area and so it’s the nicest day of the year! Here’s the scoopage.

  • Awesome new team member! Say “Howdy” to Beth Toland!
  • While it’s more complex than a single bullet-point can convey, our largest project is now abruptly wrapped up, ultimately done in by some daunting challenges our client encountered in setting up site visits.
  • We’re waiting on the final contract to be signed before we kick off our newest project, in a totally new (to us) category. We expect this to launch Any Day Now!
  • Last week’s WebVisions travel and a weekend project to finish up an editorial have meant very little progress in book chapter revising. Soon!
  • We’ll be at tomorrow’s german design – shaping the future today event in San Francisco.
  • Ten years gone: From October 2002 – Googlism, Steve hates CSI, translation fail.
  • What we’re consuming: Songza, Philz, Allen Ruppersberg: No Time Left to Start Again.

Mapping for change


The Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market is an amazing experience for San Francisco locals and visitors alike. In front of the Ferry Building they have an information booth that features a large photograph of the building on a metallic surface, with magnets representing the different booths. Obviously, as businesses come and go, or don’t show up on weekend, or are moved, it’s easy to update the map. And the use of the building itself as a backdrop reduces the abstraction typically found in a floor plan.


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