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Fossil’s designy SKU onslaught

Probably everyone knew this but me, but Fossil Watches offers an impressive (at least in terms of number, if not actual appeal) array of themed watches. Themes (or shall we call them brands) include Ohio State, Universities of Illinois, Alabama, Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, as well as Starck, Gehry, Atari, and some other geeky options. Fossil is riding the same trends as everyone else – co-branding with entertainment properties, designers as brands, target = “_blank”Substance-of-Style-esque massive choice.

Starck Newsletter

Today I received an email “newsletter” with the subject line Philippe Starck Newsletter – the entire “newsletter” is reproduced below – I think it’s hilarious – new products are available? That’s all they’ve got to tell me? Certainly an interesting and minimal interaction….

De nouveaux produits on t mis en ligne:

New products are available:

Nuovi prodotti sono stati aggiunti in:

Wir haben f’r Sie neue Produkte online:

Nuevos productos han sido puestos en linea:

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