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Nice freebie

Our Courtyard by Marriott in Houston had a nice little freebie – they would take a business card and laminate it into a luggage tag, while you waited. I appreciated the free thing and I got a kick out of the fact that it was travel-related; it reinforced the experience you were having with them. Just a clever customer service thing that someone decided to do.

Market pricing

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Wow – what the market will bear is clearly the rule with hotels.

It was hard to find a place to stay in Houston that was within 30 minutes of our meetings. Turns out the Rodeo was in town that week and so rooms were scarce. We stayed at a really crappy La Quinta Inn in a depressing part of nowhere suburbia.

And here’s what the room cost

2/28: $41.45 per night
3/1: $243.58 per night
3/2: $22.16 per night

One night is worth more than ten times what the other night was worth?

Unbelievable. It was crappy every single night.

Headed to Houston

IMG_1831, originally uploaded by GargoyleMT.

I’ll be in Houston next week for the first time. I’ve hardly been in Texas, actually. The Dallas airport. A day and a half in suburban San Antonio, and one trip to Austin that was airport->hotel->chip factory (computer, not corn)->airport.

I know that barbecue is in the plans!


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