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  • [from steve_portigal] Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2 [RipTen Videogame Blog] – [If we needed more proof you can get anything you want out of a focus group, here it is. "Actual" focus groups with mom/grandma types reveals that they hate the graphic intense new video game. The authenticity of market research is blatantly co-opted; this isn't new, it's just completely unsubtle. What message do you want to send to your boss or your customers? Market research can help you collect the right soundbites! Call now, operators are standing by!] When your Mom doesn’t like something, well you’re nearly lawfully obliged to like it – Drinking? Yeah that’s fun! Going out with girls? Of course! Horrific monsters vomiting on poor souls lost in space? Fucking awesome! EA has launched a new viral campaign for their upcoming survival-horror title “Dead Space 2″ depicting a number of Mom’s being subjected to pre-recorded footage of the horrific game. Seeing these old ladies truly scared by a video game is something that you really have to see to believe.


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