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  • [from steve_portigal] The Lady Rocks: Empowering Women One Pair at a Time – Crystal and Gemstone Balls and Spheres – [While the artifacts are nice, I'm sure, this is a company trying to sell pure meaning, building a tangible realization of colloquialism and hoping to imbue it with meaning. Their execution is a little slight but I'll submit that acknowledging a woman's successes with balls is doing more good than having a pet rock sit on your desk] ]Who among us hasn't wished on occasion that they had more courage… more guts…more confidence to follow our dreams and reach for the stars…Stones… Cojones… Balls! We’ve all heard the metaphors. Now these metaphorically correct crystals are available to all! Because when the going gets tough, the tough get BALLS! Perfect for the mileSTONES in life. Give them for CELEBRATION or INSPIRATION For the Personal Power Successes, the Extra-ORB-inary Accomplishments, or when Support is needed for: Graduation, Career, Marriage, Motherhood, Divorce. GIVE THEM ALL BALLS…[via Mom]


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