Where’s Pochacco?

Sanrio Locations 4 21 2005 9 35 54 AM.jpg
Here’s one of those store locator interfaces that maybe you’ve seen before. You can type a city into that field at the bottom and pull down a state, or you can click directly on the map. Those little pink/red dots are so target-like, and it’s easier to click than type, so my instinct was to just click on my area. Here’s what I get:

It’s extremely precise; I somehow clicked 38 miles north of San Francisco, though I was just thinking “in and around San Francisco” when I aimed (and there are indeed so many little dots that it’s pretty hard to aim for a really tight region). But the results are assuming you meant to click EXACTLY where you clicked. Try again and you might end up 11 miles south of San Francisco and a totally different list of stores.

Clicking ends up being useless. The map is too small and expects more-than-human precision, at least given the enormous density of stores in many regions. Entering the city name is the only way to go for my situation.

It’s further hampered by the ridiculous results – it seems that any store that has any type of product from the Sanrio people anywhere on their shelves qualifies for this list. They sell a lot of stuff, but not all of these stores are going to carry similar ranges of inventory, so you’re going to have to do some more legwork – either visit many, or phone (yuck) many and ask, or simply give up.


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