KFC goes transparent?

In an interesting reversal, or simply greasy transparency, KFC opened a new store they are calling “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” KFC’s online press releases don’t say anything about it, in fact they haven’t been updated since July 21, 2004. Parent company Yum Brands has press releases as recently as January 28, 2005, but of course they don’t deal with this latest story. Annoyingly, that page has a tool that lets you choose press releases by year or by brand (YUM owns KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Long John Silver’s) but instead of actually filtering the press releases you already see, it dumps you on the appropriate sub-brand page. So instead of being able to limit the YUM press releases to just KFC news, it takes me back to that page that hasn’t been updated in nearly a year.

Anyway, the news stort is pretty interesting. A new hometown (Louisville, KY) store with the original name, drawing on its southern routes, and a slimmed-down Colonel. I couldn’t find any images of said svelte poultry purveyor, but let me know if you see anything. Can’t be worse than those hip-hop Colonels from a couple of years back.

Update: found the Colonel images I was hoping for


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