This Week @ Portigal

It sure is starting to feel like spring!

  • I’m back from an exhausting and exhilarating week of interviews in Boston. 21 people in 4 days is a more intense schedule than I’d normally plan for but it’s just how things worked out. Back a few days and already the transcripts are pouring in!
  • This week I’m wrapping up conversations with stakeholders and digging into the final details for next week’s workshop (with another organization).
  • The soft skills workshop sold out at Interaction 15 and I’m getting inquiries about running the workshop again in a few different locations. Meanwhile, it’s coming up soon as part of Enterprise UX. Use discount PORTIGAL15 to save when you register for my workshop about Soft Skills coming up in San Antonio in mid-May.
  • I’m finalizing logistics and starting to dig into the detailed content for a two-day training workshop I’m leading for a big corporation in Houston in early May.
  • I’m also planning a program to a really exciting research and strategy project and trying to outline a new article!
  • I will be answering questions about insights and innovation in Ask the UXpert on April 29.
  • Ten years gone: From April 2005 – Budweiser patriotism, Snapple-a-day, portion control packaging.
  • What we’re consuming: We Put a Chip In It!, The Dutch Goose, Silicon Valley, Veep.


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