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I love all different kinds of produce

I blogged this before, back in 2004, but ah, technology. Actually a $5 cable is all I needed to be able to pull audio from a microcassette into my PC, and onto Odeo, so that I can blog it here.

I received this voice mail a couple of years ago. It’s obviously misdirected, perhaps because of my Museum of Foreign Groceries which used to be displayed on this site. But that’s all packaged foods, so? Hard to figure out what the other person was thinking, but it’s funny anyway. Give it a listen!

Note: I’ve redacted the phone number to protect her privacy.

I love all different kinds of produce

Recently I found this message on my voice mail. I have NO IDEA why this person called me. And no, I did not call her back.

Hi. My name is Ruth and I’m trying to find out what a …I guess it’s pronounced ‘kayote’ – it’s spelled c h a y o t e s. It’s a green uh some type of fruit or vegetable and it’s from Costa Rica and I was just wondering what it was and uh how you prepare it. I was given one and um I love all different kinds of produce and so I’d like to add it to my list of fruits and vegetables. If you can help me call me back at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXXX-XXXX. Thank you.

It’s actually better to hear it, she’s got a bit of a southern accent (the area code is Florida), but still it’s quite funny.


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