I love all different kinds of produce

Recently I found this message on my voice mail. I have NO IDEA why this person called me. And no, I did not call her back.

Hi. My name is Ruth and I’m trying to find out what a …I guess it’s pronounced ‘kayote’ – it’s spelled c h a y o t e s. It’s a green uh some type of fruit or vegetable and it’s from Costa Rica and I was just wondering what it was and uh how you prepare it. I was given one and um I love all different kinds of produce and so I’d like to add it to my list of fruits and vegetables. If you can help me call me back at XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXX-XXXX-XXXX. Thank you.

It’s actually better to hear it, she’s got a bit of a southern accent (the area code is Florida), but still it’s quite funny.


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