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Tell me about yourself


I’m an occasional user of MyUPS (although their failure to offer a daily email or RSS update to track a package is ludicrous) and when visiting the site this week I had to agree to their news Terms of Service and update my contact information. This sort of web form typically covers basic logistical information that someone who does business with you will need: address, billing information, etc.

But this time I was required to answer a question that was obviously tied to some market segmentation work they’ve done: which of these statements best describes you? with the following choices:

  • I don’t ship daily, but when I do, I want it to be quick and informative.
  • I use daily and know several shortcuts to save time.
  • I use to troubleshoot and to report on shipping activity.
  • I focus on the big picture and monitor shipping operations performance.
  • I prefer to use the web only when necessary. My job is easier without it.

First of all, it’s utterly inappropriate to require me to answer this question when I’m dealing with straightforward contact information that is necessary for UPS to have in order to provide the services I pay them for. Making them optional would be nice, but really this doesn’t go here at all. It’s hamfisted.

Second of all, it’s ludicrous to ask someone to find themselves in a badly written list such as this. What if I use daily but don’t know any shortcuts? Compound conditions are very hard for people to answer cleanly.

One has to wonder about the meeting where they decided this would be a good idea.


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