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Conversations about rock songs

Doc Searls asks about great driving songs – pounding on the steering wheel – or potsw as he’s calling it. But in a slight twist, and the only reason I’m blogging this, he’s asking people not to post their thoughts on his blog, but to post on their own blog. And use technorati tags to create the master list of these songs.

This is an interesting way to have a dialog, across sites. Rather than Doc’s entry becoming a destination where many of us go (“generate traffic”) and talk together, he’s using an aggregation service that will capture all (ideally) of the responses across the blogosphere, but using a tool or site (technorati) that is vaguely central, rather than our individual sites which you might imagine as external nodes.

It’s fairly straightforward but still, an innovative approach, since the sense of bloggy space is treated differently.

See the resulting tagged posts here. As of this posting there’s nothing there yet.

My suggestion: That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Tag Cloud

How do ya like my tag cloud down to the left there? It’s just some website that offers to create a cloud for you, but of course, they don’t use the technorati words to generate the cloud, they somehow decide what words are your keywords based on…some…analysis, I guess, of your site.

I’d much rather have the keywords that I’ve already chosen for my site – the ones that appear at the bottom of each post – be generated for that cloud.

So if anyone knows of some code snippets that would let me have a technorati tag cloud on the blog rather than a “zoom cloud” – that’d be great.

Update: done

I read that somewhere

Here’s what I need – a good search engine for blogs (and technorati and blogdex are useless, so don’t even go there) – I have this happen all the time: I’m in a conversation or a meeting and an issue comes up where I know that I just saw a definitive article on the latest trends linked in someone’s blog. I have about 200 things in my RSS reader, with no good searching there or anywhere else. Maybe a better RSS reader would give better searching. If I go into Google I’m now going back years instead of days, and millions of blogs instead of 200. I want to search on a concept, not a keyword, and really, for this particular situation, it seems pretty hosed.



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