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The end of tagging

Relax, information architects and folksonomists, this story won’t stop your quest to crowdsourcingly identify attributes of every virtual and physical artifact. It’s the other kind of tag that’s a problem now.

Tag is now banned from the playground of Willett Elementary School in Attleboro. Touch football, dodgeball and all other unsupervised chasing games have also been taken out of play.
The ban is setting the stage for a schoolyard knock-down-drag-out between parents, some who believe the playground police have gone too far by calling a time out on the time-honored children’s play, and others who feel that it’s about time the whistle was blown on these competitive games.
The rule was championed by second-year principal Gaylene Heppe. She claims the rule is nothing new. It is part of a broader playground rule that has been in effect for five years banning hitting and inappropriate touching.
Willett Elementary School joins a growing list of schools across the country where kindergarten cops have taken aim at classic children’s games, citing the risk of injury and litigation. Cities like Charleston, S.C., tackled touch football, while Spokane, Wash., and Cheyenne, Wyo., ousted good old-fashioned tag from their schools.

Tag Cloud

How do ya like my tag cloud down to the left there? It’s just some website that offers to create a cloud for you, but of course, they don’t use the technorati words to generate the cloud, they somehow decide what words are your keywords based on…some…analysis, I guess, of your site.

I’d much rather have the keywords that I’ve already chosen for my site – the ones that appear at the bottom of each post – be generated for that cloud.

So if anyone knows of some code snippets that would let me have a technorati tag cloud on the blog rather than a “zoom cloud” – that’d be great.

Update: done


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