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  • [from steve_portigal] A Flag Isn’t Just A Flag In Soccer-Crazed Germany [NPR] – [Reminds me of some of the discussion we had at UPA after my presentation on culture, around German tension over signs of national pride] Some bars in Berlin and elsewhere are offering "flag-free public viewing" of all soccer matches. One garden bar is offering "all the games, all the goals, none of the national anthems." They offer a big willkommen for all "who love the game but don't want to be forced to watch it surrounded by patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism and colonialism, and who don't want to feel forced to support Germany." Achim Trautvetter helped create an alternative outdoor World Cup watching zone near an old industrial site in Potsdam just outside Berlin. He and the other organizers are gearing up for a big crowd Saturday. There are a humongous viewing screen, a canopy against the sun, lots of seating and plenty of beer and bratwurst in a friendly, flag-free surrounding. Co-organizer Max Dalichow says, "We all know about the German trauma and extreme nationalism."

If you don’t drink Bud, you hate America

A full page ad is running in daily newspapers today, incredibly pretentious and self-righteous. I can reproduce the text (below) but it will definitely be missing something without the blurry ALL CAPS type. I missed the whole Superbowl ad and other promotions they have done along the lines of “here’s to the heroes” but somehow the horses aspect here just seems goofy. The photo of the old-timey Clydesdale delivery wagon with the yellow ribbon magnet on the back is cheese-o-rama.

Clydesdales Across America
The Clydesdales Across America Tour will be appearing at SBC Park for a special Heroes’ Night tribute before and after San Francisco Giants games. Come visit from 6:00 to 6:45 on Friday, April 22nd at Willie Mays Plaza and on Saturday, April 23rd in parking lot A.

Don’t miss the chance to meet these great American icons [ed: this refers to the horses, I think] and send a message to our troops overseas.

The Clydesdales Across America: Here’s To The Heroes Tour is more than an amazing journey, it’s a chance to pay tribute to America’s everyday heroes who put their lives on the line to make our country safer, better and stronger.

Don’t miss the chance to visit with these great American icons, and to thank our troops overseas with a video message of your own. The messages will be aired on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Services (AFRTS) Network and transmitted to 177 countries around the world.

The Clydesdales Across America Tour. It’s a show of support for America’s Heroes that stretches clear across the country.


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