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ChittahChattah Quickies

  • Griffin designers explain their product development process – An idea that passes the initial "sniff test" gets assigned to a Category Manager, who shepherds it through a more formal proof-of-concept process. They discuss it with industrial designers, engineers, user researchers, the sales team, even packaging. The goal is to thoroughly vet the product to make sure that it's a good fit with our customers, our capabilities, our strategic priorities, our distribution channels and our financial requirements, before it gets the green light for resources to be allocated.
    (via Core77)

Reality imitates personas


Seen at MacWorld: Annette, of Venus Hum, accessorizes in green. Her Griffin trio case does iPod covers in colors. Maybe, tomorrow, she’ll listen to Pink.

Turns out Venus Hum is real. I hadn’t ever heard of ’em, but either way, the (painfully awkward) copy reads more like a persona-driven blurb than anything. Maybe it’s the ungainliness of the writing is like the amateurish crap that people put around personas, or else it’s the matter-of-fact-ness of the tone.


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