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Lisa Kudrow is Famous

HBO’s The Comeback got some unkind press when it launched, but I finally checked it out. The show is a mock documentary about a semi-faded sitcom star who is cast in a new sitcom (“Room and Bored”) but struggles to get respect. Kudrow’s character is making a reality show (which is the same as a documentary, sometimes, isn’t it?) about her career, and calling it The Comeback (which is also the name of the show that we are watching – how PoMo).

Kudrow is amazing – you almost won’t recognize her. She has twitches and tics and hair and smile and nose that seem light years away from Phoebe. The show is funny and excruciatingly uncomfortable. And gives absolutely no credit to the very similarly-toned Lisa Picard Is Famous (a mock documentary about a never-say-die up and coming young actress who is dealt near-fatal blow after near-fatal blow). (note: there was an actual movie site for LisaPicardIsFamous but they let the domain registration lapse – guess there was no budget a few years post-release).


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