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People Have The Power, Says Tech

I saw this BitTorrent billboard in San Francisco last weekend.
Its specific message is opaque, telling us only that people are greater than servers. Hopefully we knew that already, but now we know that BitTorrent knows that too, via this techno-corporate version of a spray-painted cri de coeur. (Looking online for the image, I found the above on BitTorrent’s blog where it may refer to some peer-to-peer alternative to peer-to-cloud product, but that’s as far as I got).

The New York Times carried this full-page ad for PayPal yesterday.
Beginning with the constitutional We The People , the copy culminates with their new slogan, a graffiti-rendered People Rule.

Maybe there are humanists at both these organizations who are indeed passionate about the people they are trying to serve, but it’s hard not to be cynical about these corporations co-opting the language and aesthetics of rebellion and independence to persuade us to adopt their particular technology product versus some other. More than anything, it looks as if the tech industry is trying (yet again) to humanize its image.


Description of a BitTorrent download
The Truth Behind The Gates of Auschwitz
Documentary. mpg. 60 mins. English.

This controversial documentary centers around Revisionist’s theories concerning the accuracy of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp.

WARNING: Filmmaker/Narrator has an extremely annoying voice.

The Pirate Bay

Here’s a new take on collecting. Someone has put up a torrent of the complete collection of the Garage Pail Kids stickers. So now you can own digital files that are scans of something physical that people would collect. It’s interesting to see it presented as a collection in the way that a hockey card collector or someone would assemble lovingly a complete series.


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