New episodes! New book!

Today we’ve got a quick program note about new episodes of Dollars to Donuts, an announcement about my new book, and an interview with Steve Portigal.

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Steve Portigal: Hi, everyone, it’s Steve Portigal. The podcast has been sitting quietly for a little while now, I guess, but I’m back today with two quick announcements and a bonus.

First of all, new episodes are coming. I don’t know exactly when but the wheels are in motion. I’m looking forward to some great conversations about leading user research, and I’m excited to share those with you.

Second, I have a new book just about to come out. I wrote Interviewing Users in 2013, and it’s become a classic text about user research. Now it’s 2023, 10 years later, and lots of things have changed. So I’ve updated it! The book – Interviewing Users, second edition, will be published on October 17, 2023, and is available NOW for pre-order from Rosenfeld Media, at a 15% discount.

The bonus is my conversation with Lou Rosenfeld, where we talked broadly about user research, as well as the second edition of Interviewing Users. This interview originally appeared on the Rosenfeld Review Podcast. So welcomed by the sound of the trumpeting elephant, we’ll go there now, and I’ll see you back here before too long with more episodes of Dollars to Donuts.

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