Plagiarismo no mo

Edgar’s advice was sound. I sent off a politely worded request this morning and it looks like things have changed over at

Before (chock-full of Portigal-icious scam-tastic verbage)

Welcome. My name is Dan Taylor.

I am a consultant that helps businesses and governments. I help our clients understand and recognize opportunities as well as make “things”. The “things” that I help them with cover a wide gamut of “stuff” – public policy, public opinion, strategies and tactics, products, services, software, even advertising. I go beyond the reach of traditional research to discover new insights about how people, businesses and governments; set policy, work, play, shop, entertain, eat, and live their lives around my clients’ products, services, and other “stuff”.

The services that I provide help my keep clients’ costs down, profits up and competitive advantage high.

On their own, these insights are powerful tools to inform the ongoing decisions that clients make. My specialty is recommending specific actions that are responses to these insights, including:

* improvements to existing products and services
* improvements to public policy
* improvements to infrastructure
* ideas for new products and features
* corporate branding and positioning
* new applications for existing technologies
* specific implications for design
* new positioning for existing products
* new strategic directions


Dan Taylor + Company is a group of people with strong multidisciplinary backgrounds in public policy, industrial design, technology, business, finance, competitive intelligence and marketing. We know that the use of our services by our clients must demonstrate measurable value to our clients.

We perform industrial design audits and analysis, emergent trend analysis, marketing, integrated product development of new products and categories, competitive intelligence, benchmarking, venture design and of course, integrated product design and redesign.

The confidence we have in our ability to add measurable value to our clients’ businesses is such that we often invite equity participation in the client company as a portion of our remuneration. Contact us to ask how we can help you attract more consumer dollars and add black ink to your bottom line. You’ll be glad you did.



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