Dan Taylor, plagiarist

Dan Taylor is a plagiarizing individual, of questionable character. He includes a ridiculous legal disclaimer on his site and elsewhere states “I encourage professionalism in Industrial and other Design fields” but his front page includes an enormous chunk of text lifted wholesale from portigal.com

I go beyond the reach of traditional research to discover new insights about how people, businesses and governments; set policy, work, play, shop, entertain, eat, and live their lives around my clients’ products, services, and other “stuff”.

The services that I provide help my keep clients’ costs down, profits up and competitive advantage high.

On their own, these insights are powerful tools to inform the ongoing decisions that clients make. My specialty is recommending specific actions that are responses to these insights, including:

* improvements to existing products and services
* improvements to public policy
* improvements to infrastructure
* ideas for new products and features
* corporate branding and positioning
* new applications for existing technologies
* specific implications for design
* new positioning for existing products
* new strategic directions

This is lazy, wrong, immoral, and scummy. Do not hire Dan Taylor.


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