Dan writes: Mini-Us

Monday night at the Computer History Museum, Robert Brunner, Jerry Manock and Bill Moggridge held a chat about Apple‘s design history. When¬†asked about the future of design, Jerry talked about reaching the limits of miniaturization. He held up his hands, spread his fingers, and pointed out that we¬†are already technologically able¬†to produce devices that are so small as to surpass¬†our physical ability to use them.

That comment¬†caused me to drift¬†off into a¬†little fantasy in which I imagined people being genetically engineered to be smaller and smaller, in order to be able to continue using increasingly miniaturized devices.¬†Luckily, I was able to¬†reality-check myself with an emergency dosage of¬†late 1970’s design.

Atari Game Console, 1979

Atari Game Console, 1979


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