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  • [from steve_portigal] Artisanal Pencil Sharpening – [Comedy is such a powerful and engaging source of cultural commentary. Is there any product or service we couldn't make artisinal? This is a joke, but it doesn't have to be; it's right on that edge of maaaaaybe it's real] REACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH THE PLEASURES OF A HAND-SHARPENED PENCIL. In New York's Hudson River Valley, craftsman David Rees still practices the age-old art of manual pencil sharpening. His artisanal service is perfect for artists, writers, and standardized test takers. Shipped with their shavings and a "certificate of sharpening," these extra-sharp pencils make wonderful gifts. Traditionally people mail in their pencils to be sharpened; however David now offers a new service: He will provide the pencil.


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