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  • [from steve_portigal] Online, We Pay With Our Time Spent Searching [] – [A brief musing about whether our time is worth more than our money but quickly devolves into a Google-will-save-us-all puff piece] Paying with time rather than money seems just as common on the Web. I jump through a number of hoops nearly every day to find my favorite television shows online, having cut my cable and TiVo DVR service to save about $110 a month. So to avoid paying about $3.60 a day, I instead spend 5 to 10 minutes searching for shows on or…As search becomes faster and smarter, it’s as if the Internet becomes a high-speed moving sidewalk whisking everyone to free loaves of bread. Paying for the search becomes irrelevant as the time spent searching becomes trivial. Mr. Singhal says he thinks it will get even better. “What we are optimizing,” he says, “is that you can have your bread and your cheese and soup and dessert all at the same time, and we put it on the table.”


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