ChittahChattah Quickies

  • Jared Spool proposes the following hierarchy:
    0) Unintended Design
    1) Self Design
    2) Genius Desig
    3) Activity-Centered Design
    4) User-Centered Design If you enjoyed my recent interactions column (available upon request) Some Different Approaches to Making Stuff, the discussion linked here might be of interest.
  • Which is now apparently referred to as DT. Yuck! This article most clearly presents what Design Thinking refers to: the same stuff that design firms and creative agencies and innovation teams and the rest of us have been doing for a long time now: observe, ideate, implement. The examples presented here could be the same examples used in all the classic business press articles about ethnography over the last 10 years. Only now it’s DT. At least they quote Tim Lebrecht from frogdesign saying the same thing; that there’s nothing new here. The article makes a strong case for ethnographic research up until the point that they highlight how Web 2.0 lets customers document their own lives easily. So, umm, how does Brandweek use the term? Anything that gets you a flavor of customer lives, I guess. Hooray for the further championing of this approach. Boo for the lack of clarity and the buzzword boosterism.


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