Bio of a design thinker

STANFORD Magazine writes about Steven Skov Holt, blobjects, and the SJ Museum Blobjects exhibit/book (my previous review of the Blobjects opening night is here)

As an undergraduate at Brown University in the late 1970s, Holt was not only the picture of health, but an avid athlete and cyclist whose pals teased him about his Ôø?thunder thighs.Ôø? In 1979 at age 20, however, his life took a dramatic turn: for reasons doctors never unearthed, HoltÔø?s kidneys failed. He received a transplant. After five months in the hospital, he battled back to health and finished a degree in cognitive science.

Soon after, in 1982, Holt answered an ad for a low-level job at Manhattan-based ID Magazine, the bible of industrial design. Within a year, the intense Holt was editor of the magazine that spotted and helped shape trends, and it was a time when all sorts of new high-tech products were appearing on the landscape.


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