Yahoo! Weather Weirdness

Yahoo has a strange bug or design flaw in their logic for adding to your My Yahoo page. It’s been like this forever and I’m amazed that they haven’t bothered to fix it.

From the My Yahoo page, the weather module lets you see your current selected cities, and also search for others. Here I’m searching for Holland, MI (where we’ll be spending the third week in December).

Here’s the results for Holland. And in the top right is a button to add this city to my My Yahoo weather.

But clicking that doesn’t add Holland. It takes me to a page where I can remove existing cities, or begin a completely new process to add any city I want.

So here I have to type in Holland, again (!), and ask for search results.

Here’s the result. Once again I have the option to add it to my My Yahoo weather.

Only this time it actually works.


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