Yahoo Mail screws up and then offers a bonus

The explanation for that stupid error message – they were obviously shifting things over to give more capacity to the messages. Too bad they couldn’t do it without automatically generating error messages telling their users that their accounts were being suspended!

Notice: Change of service to your Yahoo! Mail account

Dear Yahoo! Mail User,

Thanks for using Yahoo! Mail. It’s our goal to offer you an email experience that makes it easy and enjoyable to stay in touch. Periodically, we make service changes to enhance that experience for our users. As of June 15, 2004, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:
Increased storage capacity Ôø? from your current level to 100MB
Increase in total message size to 10MB
A streamlined interface that’s even easier to use
You will continue to access your Yahoo! Mail account as usual. No further action is required, and there will be no interruption of your service.

We hope you enjoy the new features and benefits. If you have any questions, please visit our Help page. Thanks again for using Yahoo! Mail.

The Yahoo! Mail Team


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