Upgrading blog software

Let’s hope things stay intact.

Update: They didn’t. Sorry for the boringness and geekiness. 9 hours later and it was a nightmare. I upgraded to WordPress 2.6, and lost categories, tags, emailing posts and comments, but worst of all the blog page (https://portigal.com/blog) wouldn’t load all the recent posts but would redirect to a specific old post with “blog” in the title. Permalink problem?

No love fixing it, so then I did a manual rollback and learned about PhpMyAdmin and pasting in 44M of text in as queries to restore the contents of the blog. I actually learned a lot about doing it and maybe feel more confident trying this again; I have a bunch of not-that-exciting content (such as spam comments that are in the spam queue) that I’ll restore over the next few days, but wow.

Anyway if anything is not working, please let me know.


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