Updated Template

I just struggled to put through some visual changes to the blog. The background should be white instead of blue (which was making some stuff like comments impossible to read). I increased the font size one point, and I added a (really lame) title bar so people that end up on indvidual pages have a painless way to get back to the main blog.

Messing with these templates is really tough when you don’t know much HTML and even less CSS. I can see what I’d like to do, but I don’t have the skills at all to do it. I can’t believe how long it took me to do what I’ve done, and it’s still not what I was trying to accomplish. I was hoping to more visually unify things with my main website, rather than two different sites entirely.

I’d like to pull in some other features from other templates (a nicer way to access archives, a cleaner tag-cloud, a better way of showing comments, titles to individual posts), but I’m way way out of my depth. Sigh.

I tried to turn the title to this page into something in a 48-point font but I could not make that happen. I see where to change the code, but something is over-riding that part of the code, because it has no impact whether I specify 400% or 200% or 48 or whatever. Fixed, thanks for the help.

Feedback, positive and negative (including stuff that is now broken?) greatly appreciated.


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