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Just had a great customer support encounter with TurboTax for the Web. I went back the other day to start my return, and of course it takes a minute to remember a password you haven’t used for a year. I thought I’d try the password reminder and the reminder was going to be sent to an address I haven’t used for several years, back when I was with a2i as my ISP.

First of all, nice that they tell you WHERE they will be sending it, before they send it!

Anyway, I try sending an email to that account and it bounces back. See, it’s still forwarded, but it’s forwarded to my old ISP, Mindspring. Now I use SBCGlobal and I have closed that account.

I sent Rahul a message asking if they would be able to update it. I got a personal message telling me no (I suspect it was personal because it had a typo in it!) – I could pay $5/month for the cheapest account, or for $15 they would update the bounce message or something. They aren’t able to support an old account – of course it took as much time to tell me “no.”

I’m not worried about people finding me – I get Googled all the time (I can see from my weblogs)…I’d like not to have email bouncing if I can help it.

But I’m cheap, I’m not paying for it.

Anyway, I did manage to remember my password and log in, but then I thought I’d want to make sure to update my email address. I was SURE I had done this before because I get my confirmations and everything when I file my taxes, so how could it still be going to that old address.

Nowhere to change my address. The help pages send me to a set of controls that don’t exist. The online forums for TurboTax are all about the application not the website.

I send an email in describing the problem. They tell me I’ll get an immediate confirmation. I don’t. I figure that’s it – I’ll never hear from them and I’ll never be able to change the address….I went through hell when I moved a little over a year ago trying to get every instance of my old physical address or phone number changed in every data base I’m a customer of and found lots of situations where they’ll change it on the billing statement but it won’t show up in the mailing address or crap like that. I’m pretty pessimistic.

I just got an email explaining how to do it – the controls I need are available from the login screen BEFORE you login and only there. The email was very clear – I went and did it – there’s my old address, updated it, got a confirmation. All done. And then a minute later the phone rings – someone else from Intuit following up to make sure everything is okay. Hey, I’d rather be taken care of twice than never.

Pretty cool! The right answer, with about a 36 hour wait, and double service.


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