Can’t change address

Today’s Change-of-Address screwup is Verizon Wireless. I changed my address online more than two months ago. Still getting bills sent to my old address. Went to their website and verified that, yes, in fact, they DO have the correct address. Contacted customer service who told me that they have my old address in their system (when I’m staring right at the NEW address in their system). I sent them a screen grab of what I was seeing to prove it.

We received your recent e-mail notifying us of your change of address. This address has been updated, and future bills will now be mailed to your new address. If your contact numbers have changed, please email us back with the updated numbers.

Not exactly what happened (I sent them an email with the information that was already in their system), but if it does the trick, I guess that’s good enough. I can’t believe how many places I have had to go through the change process twice. Sad, really.


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