This Week @ Portigal

How is your Mondaying?

  • A week with no travel! Last week I was in Toronto and Los Angeles. In addition to my LA UX talk (which was recorded) I also gave three interviews, so I’m hoping to have plenty to share soon (as well some videos from Fluxible). Here’s some of the tweets from the hugely successful presentation in LA.
  • I’m already underway with reconnecting with people after having been away. I’ve got two interesting prospective projects to plan for, including one collaboration with a thought leader I really admire but have never got to work with. I’m lunching with a colleague of a colleague to hear what they are up to and try to answer some of their questions. And so on.
  • Out and about: I’m planning to see Janice Fraser speak this Wednesday. And Friday, I’m off to see the Mr. Show reunion.
  • Ten years gone: From September 2003 – Awkwardly inappropriate Craigslist help-wanted ad.
  • What we’re consuming: Balmy Alley, Hop Dogma Brewing Co., Milky Edwards, Breathing Light, Musso & Frank.


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