This Week @ Portigal

Hello, Monday…Monday, hello!

  • UIE has posted our “Book Corner” podcast here. It’s a fairly concise conversation I had with Adam Churchill about – you guessed it – Interviewing Users. Check it out!
  • I’m recording another podcast this AM and will post the details once it goes live, presumably in a couple of weeks.
  • My key focus this week is to flesh out my upcoming workshop – The Designer Is Present – at Fluxible next month.
  • At the same time, I’m hoping to get some update on a few projects that we proposed, as well as nail down a few more details about some upcoming workshops and speaking events.
  • Just announced: I’ll be speaking at the Los Angeles UX Meetup on September 19. Topic is currently being voted on!
  • Ten years gone: From August 2003 – Global Ouches, The Seven Clown Commandments.
  • What we’re consuming: gluten-free watermelon, soy milk ramen, demising walls, pizza-pizza-pizza.


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