This Week @ Portigal

Last week was fieldwork, hotels, restaurants, airports, rental cars, conference rooms, facilitation, teaching and much much more. I’m glad to be home!

  • But later today I’m on a plane again, heading off for a multi-event day with clients where we’ll have stakeholders debrief from their observational research homework, share some of what we heard in the field last week, set up an interactive exercise with participants who are coming in to meet with us, and then debrief. All before dashing back to the airport to come home, just over 24 hours later.
  • Meanwhile, I’m working with another organization to nail down the best approach for a new project, balancing what will give us the amount of insight we need with an approach that will engage their design team. I’m surprised at some of the constraints but hopeful we’ll find something that strikes the right balance. Last week I said here that I was pretty sure I knew what the program would look like. Guess not!
  • I will be joining UX Book Club DC by Skype this Wednesday for a discussion of Interviewing Users.
  • I will be at Twitter (in person) on Thursday for a Fireside Chat.
  • Thanks to Amber DeRosa for her new review of Interviewing Users on Amazon. You should post yours!
  • Look for a new War Story later this week.
  • Ten years gone: From August 2003 – Self-reporting meets TMI, Tokyo Bob Dylan, The identity of Internet Guy.
  • What we’re consuming: The Bridge, dinner at a Lexus dealership, Zoomies, Root Down, Children’s Hospital Season 3.


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