This Week @ Portigal

This week is a three-city week (and I’m not counting home!)

  • Today I’m in the Pacific Northwest as part of a full-day professional development retreat for designers, marketers and others. Tonight I’ll fly to Southern California for a second session with another part of the organization.
  • On Wednesday, I head over to another organization nearby, to meet with stakeholders and try to uncover their competing – and not previously articulated – visions for an area of technology and user experience development.
  • As soon as that meeting is over, that team is heading to the airport to fly to Denver. We’re in Denver doing fieldwork through Saturday, when we’ll all return to our homes.
  • I’ve been having some really interesting conversations about our next piece of work. It never pays to count chickens etc. etc. but I’ve got an idea what we’ll end up doing and it looks really exciting.
  • UX Booth has published a two-part conversation I had with Maish Nichani of Pebble Road. In Part 1, Maish interviews me. In Part 2, I interview Maish.
  • I was interviewed by Joe Dager for his Business 901 podcast.
  • Ten years gone: From July 2003 – End times, Clickety-click.
  • What we’re consuming: Electric 13, Tasty n Sons.


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