This Week @ Portigal

I flew back yesterday from a long weekend in Michigan to visit family (and some friends!)

  • Our new project is underway. We’ve been doing the administration stuff like setting up a purchase order and iterating the details of the project plan and then lining up recruiters to find participants. This week I’ll be finalizing the screeners and launching the recruit, chatting with stakeholders, and starting to think through the fieldwork details.
  • I’m meeting with a new team at a previous client to get a demo of something they are developing. They aren’t happy with the info they are getting from surveys and focus groups and so we’re going to talk about how we can help them get the insights that will inform where they take this.
  • I’m also scheduled to chat with another organization, where the UX group is eager to get alignment around the vision for their product, while they face challenges to their market dominance from nimbler yet less robust competitors who are creating excellent user experiences.
  • The fantastic Alissa Walker reviewed Interviewing Users here for the Designers and Books Notable Books for July.
  • Also check out recent Amazon reviews for Interviewing Users: Lena Blackstock, Angela Colter, Lisa Renery Handalian
  • I’ll be part of a panel organized by TiE Silicon Valley. The panel is about Design-led Innovation and will be held July 23 in Santa Clara. I’ll be meeting with the organizers and other panelists this week to start planning.
  • Also coming up: I will be doing a Design Research Fireside Chat at Yammer on July 25 and presenting about The Power of Bad Ideas at IxDA Silicon Valley at Yahoo on July 24.
  • Out-and-about: I’m hoping to make it to Nerd Night where the topics are Yeast, Science Beer Tasting, and Games User Research – Oops – sold out!
  • Ten years gone: From July 2003 – Small market sodas, Roger Dean’s house.
  • What we’re consuming: Newsreaders, Dragon’s Milk, Michigan blueberries, Pae White, pretzel chicken.


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