This Week @ Portigal

Voila les deets:

  • Interviewing Users is out! Huzzah! There’s been lots of enthusiasm and already some good feedback!
  • Core77 has posted an excerpt here.
  • I’m doing a few interviews for the book. Look for them to start showing up online in the next couple of weeks.
  • You’re invited to the Interviewing Users launch party, June 3 in San Francisco. And stay tuned for info on the New York party, too!
  • Don’t forget about the free webcast next week.
  • Some good networking on hand for this week, catching up with people and talk about their businesses, careers, goals and of course mine.
  • Ten years gone: From May 2003 – Why Calvin Pees, Bugs and Daffy for Landmine Awareness.
  • What we’re consuming: Little Yangon, Black Blizzard, Teddy Bear.


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