This Week @ Portigal

Welcome to the week

  • I’ve been down for the count for at least a week, with coughing fits and overall unwellness. I may have turned a corner but am trying to keep things quiet for now.
  • The book is at the printer! It should be available in about four weeks! You can sign up for notification here.
  • Last week we had a new War Story, the first one in quite a while, from Whitney Hess. I know there are more out there (someone mentioned to me at a workshop last week that they’d be working on one!) but I am not expecting anything this week.
  • There’s a few folks I’ve been putting off for weeks or even months for a chance to meetup/catch-up. Looks like this is the week!
  • Ten years gone: From March 2003 – Hussein Translator Used Fake Accent, Kiss French Horn.
  • What we’re consuming: Ramen Parlor, Fat Kid Rules The World, expectorant, The Flat


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