This Week @ Portigal

Happy Monday, folks!

  • I’m on a plane now, exhausted but exhilarated. Chicago was snowy and cold but we completed a full set of interviews with fascinating and inspiring people. The team in SF also met with an equally wonderful set of folks, so we are wallowing in stories and thoughts and emergent themes. We’re diving right into analysis, expecting transcripts to be coming in – and divided up – very soon.
  • This week I’m giving an improv presentation to kickoff the creativity at Walmart’s Global UX Summit. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with my friends who are attending the event.
  • Some great progress on the book – I’ve seen initial PDFs and have been making corrections, meanwhile working on the introduction, finalizing imagery, arranging for a foreword and filling in the other details as the plan is to go to the printer in a few short weeks.
  • On Friday I’m wrapping up the week with a full-day training workshop on interviewing and synthesis.
  • Ten years gone: From February 2003 – The Rolling Stones use WiFi
  • What we’re consuming: La Scarola, The Americans, Uber Taxi.


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