This Week @ Portigal

Here’s the deal for this week…

  • Last week we had a couple of great days with our client team concluding our project with a presentation and then a subsequent workshop. It was great to see them off and running with putting the insights and opportunities into action – or at least exploring the boundaries of what that might be. I’m pleased with how it went but also eager to check it off the list as fully complete; meanwhile it’s those last few bits and pieces that need be defined and then completed before I get my wish!
  • I’m with a team of researchers, product managers, designers and others today, leading a full-day training session on gathering insights from users and translating those into paradigm-shifting opportunities. I’m sure we’ll all be completely exhausted by the end of the day but hopefully exhilarated as well.
  • Our newest project is starting to take form as we introduce ourselves to recruits, confirm calendars, and oh yeah, meet with the team to finalize the field guide. Then, it’s fieldwork time coming right up!
  • Ten years gone: From February 2003 – Mr. Mitt
  • What we’re consuming: Burning Love, cheeses of the world.


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