This Week @ Portigal

Welcome to Monday. Here’s the week:

  • Time to wrap this thing up: Tuesday we deliver a final presentation and Wednesday we lead an ideation workshop to help translate the opportunities into possible design and product solutions. It’s been a long time on this project so it’ll be good to close it up.
  • I’m teaching a full-day workshop next week so I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the material later this week. The audience for this class are part of a much larger effort to infuse a culture of innovation inside a leading technology company and I’m eager to be supporting that.
  • We’re getting ready to go back into the field on a new project that is in the middle of logistics (travel planning, statements of work, Google Doc coordination) but will soon be dominated by content.
  • I’m back from a successful if freezing week in Toronto running the Student Design Challenge at the Interaction13 Conference. Check out our winners: Bethany, Mani, , Soon and Ari. They all did an amazing job and I think found the experience really valuable. Also in Toronto, I spoke about Skill Building for Design Innovators at TorCHI.
  • Ten years gone: From February 2003 – World’s Worst Farmer, Jim Spagg’s body parts.
  • What we’re consuming: The Mindy Project, Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society.


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