This Week @ Portigal

Happy 2013 to everyone! It’s Wednesday, back to work for a short week after a long break. Chilly and sunny outside, foggy inside (well, inside my head at least, as I fight off the last bits of a holiday cold).

  • We’ve taken a set of fieldwork transcripts and divided them up between ourselves and our client team in preparation for an extensive synthesis workshop next week.
  • Proposals! We’re working with a number of different organizations to lay out a range of interesting engagements for the next few months.
  • I turned in my latest book manuscript before I took off for holidays; am waiting to hear from the editorial team about next steps but I know we’re making serious headway towards actual publication. More details when I have them.
  • Ten years gone: From January 2003 – clown names, streaming audio of porn music, exotic meats.
  • What we’re consuming: crab, Frequency and Volume, ramen, Weird Al and Bill Plympton.


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