This Week @ Portigal

I was out of the state during a big storm and arrived back just in time for more gorgeous weather. We know it won’t last but in the meantime, we’re enjoying it. And this week looks like this:

  • After wrapping up fieldwork last week, we’re sitting down with the team later this week for a topline summary; we haven’t yet begun the in-depth analysis but we find it critical to gather everyone together and align on what we think we’ve heard and what we think it means. No doubt that will be replaced by the outcomes of the analysis, but having a discussion before that begins in earnest is very valuable for the end result.
  • This Thursday in Mountain View I’ll be giving a talk about improv, creativity, and design. Tickets available here. Hope to see you!
  • I’ve got jury duty this week. Let’s see what happens with that!
  • The judges are reviewing the IxD13 Student Design Challenge submissions and we’re planning on announcing the winners in a few days.
  • Out on the town this week: Tragically Hip at the Fillmore, Rick Prelinger’s Lost Landscapes of San Francisco
  • We just published David’s War Story. As usual, I’ve got a few more in progress that I hope to see come to light before too long.
  • Ten years gone: From December 2002 – Hotel soap confessions
  • What we’re consuming: Latkes, Marina Abramovic, Radiolab, Memrise.


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