This Week @ Portigal

Another gorgeous day here in Northern California. The rain has come, and then the sun comes back. Fingers crossed for the rest of the holiday week!

  • Today began early with a conversation with an industry expert who gave us a lot to think about as we prepare to head into the field next Monday AM. We’ve got a few more of those conversations lined up for the rest of the week; meanwhile we’re also in full-on logistics mode, scheduling clients to join us in the field, figuring out parking and meeting locations in different San Francisco neighborhoods, and convening a brief briefing to talk everyone through what to expect when we go in the field.
  • Last week we published Sharon’s War Story. I’m not holding my breath for another one this week but it’s possible. A couple of folks are very close!
  • Ten years gone: From November 2002 – How (not) to hire a marketing consultant
  • What we’re consuming: The Mind of a Chef, Cloud Atlas, Point Blank, Turkey Tips from Alton Brown, The Abbot’s Cellar


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