This Week @ Portigal

Despite early-morning soupy fog, it turns out to be another gorgeous Monday. Here’s what we’ve got going on

  • For one project, we’re working hard to both immerse ourselves in a new business area (interviewing experts, scanning the media, planning a walking tour) and charging ahead with project logistics (getting a recruiter lined up, finalizing a screener, setting up briefing meetings on fieldwork best practices, developing participant homework exercises, etc.).
  • We’re looking at an innovative combinations of methods this week that we’ll be proposing to a prospective client. Wish us luck in landing the work!
  • Last week we published Carla’s War Story. I’ve got a near-final draft for another in my inbox, and have been swapping email with some other folks finalizing their stories, so stay tuned for more.
  • I’ll be leading a class on user research for the Industrial Design school at Academy of Art University this week.
  • I’ve got a handful of lunch and coffee meetings this week to catch up with different folks, both local and visiting.
  • What we’re consuming: underwater dogs, Izakaya Yuzuki, McSweeney’s Issue 41, pumpkins as many ways as possible.


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